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Tick Tock

Last game of fall baseball. Well, technically a scrimmage but since we're outta here, Coco and Henry played last Tiger kid pitch game today before we learn to play bocce. Our bags are packed and we're ready to go, we are leavin' on a jet plane, know exactly when we'll be back again. kids are really going to miss their Papa until he arrives in Copenhagen. I'm going to miss him too. We've got skype jacked up to the max and plan on regular face time. I've managed to do almost three months of curriculum planning for our home schooling. that should keep those kids busy between markets and museums and churches.
meanwhile, don wants us all to wear whistles, and for me to contact the US embassy in each new country we visit.

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The Trip

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028.jpgMostly, we get to go on this trip because my employer is awesome and offers this amazing benefit.
But, why this trip? We are sequestering ourselves. i found this note from Henry on the kitchen table. of course, i cried when i read it. Henry saw my reaction and gave me a big long hug. The note says it all. Well, that what Henry really wants is to watch movies. But, I read it and it says, "mom, let's hang out, snuggle and do stuff together." Coco and Henry are both eager for everyone to be happy, including me. Isn't that awesome? I am confident that the kids will rise to the trip's many challenges,or at least most of them.
Like everyone else I know with kids, our days are rushed and our time together limited by work days, school days, laundry, cleaning, commuting, etc. For the first time, i'll get to be with my kids 24/7. (i'll say now that) i can't wait to be with them for entire days. the mad rush of getting home and that crazy 1 1/2 hours before bed is maddening for us all, i'm sure. rush to work. rush home. rush to work. rush home. now, we'll set our own schedule.

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Calming Down

I am getting to a place of more sleep, less anxiety and more excitement. There are lots of countdowns – to kids this morning, “Only seven more days of classroom school!” To myself, “only three more days of office work.” I met with Coco’s teachers this morning and will meet with Henry’s on Friday. While the Prince George’s home schooling office seems somewhat disarrayed, I’ve come to think that’s by design. There are so many reasons people home school, for the home schooling office to be prescriptive would be counter to what most of their clients want. They’ve been helpful at every turn, answered all of my questions, many of which I’m sure I’ve posed more than once. I am solidly on my way to having weekly education plans for each kid, something I want to have by the time we fly out. Like a good term paper, I have all the pieces for them and just need to pull the pieces altogether into two cohesive documents. Once we get back, someone from the county will review a sampling of what we’ve done and give the green light (hopefully) for the kids to get back in regular school. This means that everything we do has to be accounted for and there won’t be any relying on my good word. So, our record keeping will be in high gear. I think this is going to work out.

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I have been thinking of David Byrne's 'we're on the road to no where,' there's a city in my mind, come along and take a ride and it's all right, baby it's all right.... But, all does not seem quite right just yet. I think I've had one solid night sleep in the last three weeks. Otherwise, I am awake for 1 or 1:30 until 4 or so and then I'm up again by 6. What am I forgetting to do at work before I go? Am I as prepared as i need to be for the kids' schooling? I took two sick days this week and just slept, exhausted. Once, a few of us were taking a friend to union station to take the Amtrak back to Connecticut. I don't remember if we missed her train or we were just whimsical, or both, but we ended up driving her all the way home to Connecticut, playing that same David Byrne cassette, over and over... Yes, it's very far away but it's growing day by day and it's all right, baby it's all right. I am the worst with remembering lyrics; I just make the up as I need to. But, that's how i remember that song, that endless cassette. These European cities are very far way but they're growing day by day and it's all right, baby it's all right. I've gotta download that.

I went to get some euros from my bank today, just to have some cash in my pocket when we land. I asked for $150 worth of euros, knowing I'd eat some costs at the bank. The teller kept telling me I'd get 116 dollars in euros. No, I'll get 116 euros, I kept saying just to keep the conversation going. She is preetty sure I'll get 116 dollars in euros, sounds like a slippery slope to no cash given the value of a dollar compared to euros but, who knows, maybe Bank of America does own the world and has a special dollar euro I can have.

Henry has started stacking up crap to put in his suitcase. Doodle books and weird rulers and a huge three ring binder. I told him I'm in charge of whatever gets packed ultimately. I've really got to stand firm on this because these kids follow the packing motto of ther dad, "we might need this one day."

And so the preparation goes. Hotels and bill paying and medicines to pack and making list of emergency numbers in major European cities. How much geometry will Henry be expected to know by December 1? Will Coco really learn sentence structure and poetic formats from me? Should Coco bring her two Bearies and Henry his beloved Lambie or will the risk outweigh the guaranteed comfort? What shoes will I bring?? It's not the shoes that make me consider getting zzzzzzzquil, it's this endless series of questions roaming my mind. We paid out the air tickets, train tickets, most of the lodging costs tis week. Poof, out of savings and into this ether I hear will be a trip of our lifetimes. I almost googled "anxiety attack" yesterday.

I've got to relax in the adventure of it, the unknowns and the unplannables.

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