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Coco and Henry often play very well together. But, sometimes they don't. There are mini power struggles that pepper our days. Who will be on which side of me (when we can walk three or two abreast down the street). Who will chose where we have dinner or lunch if we're not eating at the apartment. Whether one will let the other connect to a mine craft stint. Can I have the pillow you're using? /No. / Come on, I want that one, it's not a big deal! / If it's not a big deal then why do you want it so badly?... It's exasperating. And then it passes. 

Henry's birthday yesterday was a lot of fun but it was a looping day. Excited, Henry was up early. Excited, Henry woke me up early to join in his excitement! We took a meandering walk to the "trampoline playground" (the Tuilleries gardens). We went through a covered passageway, stopping to play with each toy in its toy store. We walked though the Palais-Royal's gardens, stopping for a while to pet some dogs and blow plastic bubbles through hard plastic straws. Remember those bubbles? They have them here and, now, so do we.... 

By the time we got near the trampoline park the kids were desperate for a bathroom. Dues ex machina style, a slew of port-a-johnnies appeared across from the Comedie Francaise. By the time our 30 minute walk to the playground turned into a 120 minute walk, it was raining. Two turns on the trampolines regardless (birthday boy and all).  Man, kids love those trampolines. 

Henry got to pick out his cake on the way home. We walked in the rain to make sure we went by some pastry shops. He chose a strawberry, cream, and pistachio cake contraption. It was as delicious as it was pretty. It rained the rest of the day. We stayed home, packed and cleaned up a bit, played cards and played pick-up-sticks. It may be a series of fluke sightings on our part, but we have come to 100% believe that playing pik up sticks is very popular here. Almost as popular as ping pong. Each stick has a pattern on it, with each pattern giving different points. Who knew!!

Our time in Paris has been at times adventurous, beautiful, educational, chaotic and tasty. To say that I am grateful and glad that we chose to spend a month here are understatements. The biggest downside is that Don has not been with us yet. That has made many parts of the adventure incomplete. We have a list, one that got longer over these last few days, of things we want to do with Don when we are all here together. 

Today was our last full day in Paris until late November.  A beautiful, sunny day. We had a different list of things we wanted to do these last few days. One item, standing on the "center" of Paris, a star embedded in the plaza in front of Notre Dame, was checked off today. This also meant we could visit the tiny but supercharged playground behind the Notre Dame cathedral. Street sandwiches for lunch and a short walk to our most frequented playground.


We made it a point to go through the plaza in front of Centre Pompidou, to check out the street artists. We joined a huge crowd watching a very high-up unicyclist juggling, cracking jokes (in English no less). Still no mime but we all enjoyed the show.

Came home and packed up for the next leg of our trip: the Netherlands! Staying with an old friend, much more on her and her family later! Henry said he was glad it was getting dark outside, because then we're closer to going to Rotterdam and our next adventure.

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Wow!!!! Lassez les bon temps rouler! :) :)
(or you can change the "wow" to "Oooh La La")

by Dag

Love the scarves ladies! Happy Birthday Henry from Nana and Aunt Sharon.

by Aunt Sharon

Happy, happy birthday Henry! What a gorgeous picture of you and Coco. Tell the photographer I like his work. Give Paris a farewell for me. Can't wait to see what your next stop brings.

P.S. Ben said today while admiring his French Pokemon card th at its really hard to have your best friend in an entirely different country!

by christy

I'm looking forward to the blog from Holland...but only Barbara is posting to FB. You getting tired of it? Even if no one comments, you know it is well read. So many adventures. So much fun!!

by Barbara Phillips

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